Naxalite killed, comrades killed him

Sukma: Naxalites’ rampage has been seen once again in Bastar. This time Naxalites have killed one of their own fellow Naxalites. This murder in broad daylight has created a sensation in the area. Police has been informed about this.

chhattisgarh news Actually, the fellow Naxalite killed by Maoists is none other than Barse Masa who has surrendered before Andhra Pradesh Police. According to the information, a reward of Rs 4 lakh was declared on Barse Masa, a member of Kistaram Area Committee. He had been involved in about 3 encounters. Cases were also registered against him in many police stations.

In April this year, along with Barse Masa, 6 Naxalites active in Bastar of Chhattisgarh surrendered before Andhra Pradesh Police. Among them were Mithilesh alias Raju, secretary of the Kistaram Area Committee of Barse Masa, Kistaram Area Committee member and Rs 4 lakh rewardee Vetti Bhima, Kistaram Area Committee member Vanjam Rame, party member Doodi Soni and party member Madkam Sukki who had surrendered their arms.

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