National News: Indian Army organized yoga session

The joint Indo-Thai exercise Maitree 2024 is taking place in the Thai province. The exercise is significant with a view to promote military cooperation and strengthen the operations of the two countries based on the United Nations Charter. A joint military exercise called Maitree 2024 between the Indian Army and the Royal Thai Army is currently underway in the Tak province of Thailand. According to the Ministry of Defence, this important exercise aims to strengthen military cooperation and operational capabilities based on the United Nations Charter and is an important milestone for both the countries. The soldiers of both sides will undergo intensive training with a focus on counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in jungle and urban environments.

ProDefense said the exercise will focus on a combination of world-class presentations to enable Indian and Thai soldiers to share and train with each other, the presentations will include martial arts, tactical sports and special training. It has. Building physical strength through exercise and combat preparation was a priority. In a unique cultural event, the Indian Army organised a yoga session for Thai soldiers. Physical fitness and combat fitness are important parts of the training, which involves a combination of preparations such as martial arts, sports and special physical training sessions.

The Indian Army also conducts yoga sessions for the Thai Army, highlighting cultural skills and military cooperation. The series of joint training activities conducted so far include weapon training, rappelling, jungle survival techniques, navigation training, communication training, combat first aid training and evacuation training to strengthen mutual cooperation between the two armies in operations and mutual understanding. Designed to improve. Indian and Thai soldiers are present in this exercise. A passionate partnership and growing friendship developed between the two. This cooperation not only strengthens the mission of the two armies but also deepens the lasting friendship between the two armies. Maitree Exercise 2024 will continue till July 15 with additional training aimed at further strengthening the operational synergy between the Indian Army and the Royal Thai Army.

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