Mysterious death of a couple in Baghjan area of Nagaon

Guwahati: Baghjan area in Jakhalabandha Nagaon found itself shrouded in mystery. This resulted from a sequence of destabilizing events. The shocking discovery of the bodies of Balram Chhetri and Pavitra Devi sparked panic.

Sixty-five-year-old Chhetri and forty-three-year-old Devi were a couple. He was a resident of Dimapur. The strong grip of death held their lifeless bodies. A bottle was found nearby, which was believed to contain poison.

This shocking revelation created a stir in the community. Residents found themselves grappling with the lingering consequences. Unanswered questions abounded.

The grim scene caught the eye of local residents early in the day. This triggered an immediate law enforcement response. Jakhalabandha police station received a heart-wrenching report. A law enforcement unit immediately reached the location. His duty was clear. They had to start the investigation process.

After this the bodies were taken for post-mortem. This measure was to collect additional information. The focal point was the disturbing events leading up to his death. Its purpose was to find out the tragic circumstances. The ultimate goal was to understand his untimely demise.

Initial inquiry claimed that Chhetri and Devi had set out on a trip from Dimapur. His aim was to meet relatives living nearby. A deeper purpose motivated his journey. However an unexpected turn of events scuppered this intention. As a result he died tragically. The community is now grappling with shock and disbelief. Authorities have deployed resources to further investigate this shocking circumstance.

A joint crime investigation team has been deployed in the gloomy atmosphere of Baghjan. His work is two-sided. They have to check the site carefully. Furthermore, they need to gather vital evidence. Despite their continued efforts, law enforcement has been unable to determine the exact cause of the couple’s tragic demise. This mystery provokes the community’s desire for a clear explanation.

Nagaon police department has assured the public. He has publicly reaffirmed his commitment to resolve the unclear details surrounding the untimely demise of Chhetri and Devi. Their investigation is in the initial stage. Officials remain cautious about premature speculations.

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