Moderate weather will help voters in Telangana

Hyderabad: The weather remained surprisingly moderate throughout the day on Monday, with most places not experiencing extreme heat and rain largely stopping. In Hyderabad, huge crowds were seen at polling stations during the morning and afternoon. One voter, despite there being no rain, paid attention to the weather officials and arrived with an umbrella.

Shops around polling stations offered cold drinks to those waiting to vote or to cool down after completing their civic duty.

Across the state, temperatures were lower than last year when the mercury crossed 42 degrees Celsius in all districts and touched 45 degrees Celsius at three places. On Monday, Jagtial was the hottest at 41.1 degrees Celsius, followed by Nizamabad at 40.8 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in other districts were recorded above 40 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of Hanamkonda was 38.3°C.
The storm hit the western suburbs of Hyderabad on Sunday night, including areas from Patancheru to Suchitra belt. The weather department has predicted moderate-intense rain with thunderstorms in the early hours, which may have prompted voters to vote early in the day.
The sky remained largely clear, with only sporadic rain reported in a few districts. Stormy conditions were not predicted.

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