Mahasamund: The average rainfall in the district so far is 174.1 mm

Mahasamund mahasamund news. An average rainfall of 174.1 mm has been recorded in Mahasamund district during the current monsoon from 01 June 2024 till now. According to the information received from the land records, the highest average rainfall in the district was recorded in Mahasamund Tehsil 251.4 mm in Mahasamund Tehsil, 220.1 mm in Basna, 181.6 mm in Saraipali, 160.7 mm in Pithora, 141.5 mm in Bagbahara and the lowest rainfall of 89.5 mm was recorded in Komakhan Tehsil. mahasamund

chhattisgarh news Today on 08 July, an average rainfall of 8.0 mm was recorded. In the tehsil wise rainfall of the district, 17.9 mm was recorded in Pithora Tehsil, 16.4 mm in Basna, 9.5 mm in Saraipali, 3.9 mm in Komakhan and the lowest rainfall of 1.2 mm was recorded in Bagbahara Tehsil. chhattisgarh

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