Madras HC Chief Justice Gangapurwala retires

CHENNAI: Calling upon young lawyers to work hard, the Chief Justice of Madras High Court SV Gangapurwala asked them to be truthful to their conscience. He was speaking at his farewell ceremony as he retired from service on Thursday.

The CJ called upon the junior lawyers of the Bar in Madras High Court to carry forward the legacy of the Bar in generating legal luminaries, including judges, through hard work. “Hard work with honesty, sincerity and integrity will take you to the zenith of the profession,” he exuded the young lawyers and said they must be truthful to the conscience. Justice Gangapurwala was appointed as the CJ of Madras High Court on May 29, 2023.

Advocate General (AG) PS Raman said, “In his career of 14 years and two months as a judge, he has taken leave for only seven days and has disposed of 99,949 cases as a judge of the Constitutional Court

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