Liquor and chicken party in government health center, demand for action against health officer

A video of RHO posted at Sub Health Center Serangdag under Samari Sector of the district is going viral, in which the RHO is seen having a liquor and chicken party with his friends. As soon as this video went viral, the villagers expressed their displeasure and protested against it. At the same time, the BMO has said that action will be taken after investigation in this matter.

Let us tell you that troubled by such antics of RHO and his friends, the villagers have also secretly made a video of RHO celebrating liquor-chicken party. In the video, RHO Sunil Minj can be clearly seen celebrating liquor-chicken party with his friends at the health center of Serangdag. The villagers have demanded that RHO Sunil Minj be removed from here and transferred elsewhere.

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