Lineman gets electrocuted, dies

Bilaspur. The lineman who was repairing electricity in Minocha Colony of Civil Lines area got electrocuted. The lineman fell from the pole due to electric shock. Due to this, he suffered serious head injuries and by the time his friends took him to the hospital, he had died. On receiving information about the incident, the police have registered a case. After the PM, the body has been handed over to the relatives. Gautam Bhoi (45), resident of Shlok Vihar, located near Chantidih Patwari Training Center in Sarkanda, was an assistant lineman in the electricity department. His duty was in the zone in Nehru Nagar. His duty was from 12 o’clock on Friday night to 8 o’clock on Saturday morning. On Saturday morning he got a call that there was power cut in Minocha Colony. On the complaint, he went to Minocha Colony to improve the electricity. After reaching the spot with his companions, he climbed the pillar. During this time he got an electric shock. Due to this, he lost control and fell down from the pillar. He suffered serious head injuries due to falling from height. Colleagues immediately took him to the hospital. Also informed the department officials about the incident. Here the doctors declared the assistant lineman dead and sent the body to the sawmill. On receiving information about the incident, Civil Line Police has sent the dead body to PM. Fellow employees reached Sims upon receiving information about the death of the department’s assistant lineman.

Here, even after getting information about the incident, the officials of the department remained missing. Till afternoon the department officials did not even reach to console the relatives of the assistant lineman. With the help of family members, the relatives somehow took the body home. His last rites were performed in the evening at Muktidham in Torwa. Superintending Engineer of Nehru Nagar Zone PK Sahu said that the employees who had gone to work along with Assistant Lineman Gautam have been interrogated. Employees told that the assistant lineman had climbed the pole carrying gloves with him. He took off his gloves saying there was a power outage. During this time he got an electric shock. It will be clear from the PM report only whether he was electrocuted or due to some other reason he fell from height. On receiving information about the incident, the assistant lineman’s relatives and fellow employees reached the hospital. Relatives in the hospital said that the department does not provide safety equipment to the employees. Due to this, the lives of employees remain in danger. Even on Saturday morning, Gautam lost his life due to this. If necessary safety equipment is used while climbing at height, such a big accident does not happen. Electricity department employees said that usually they climb the poles only after switching off the electricity from the sub-station. Electricity was switched off from the sub-station on Saturday also. After this Gautam climbed the pillar. After climbing up, he touched the wire and saw it. When there was no current, he took off his gloves. Employees told that sometimes the return current from the inverter installed in the houses also comes on the wire installed in the pole. He has expressed apprehension that the return current might have come from the inverter of some house. Due to this shock he might have become uncontrolled. At present the matter is being investigated.

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