Life Style: Know the recipe of Fig Barfi

Life Style Life Style: Like other dry fruits, figs also have many health benefits. Its consumption in any form is good for health. The whole country is crazy about the barfi made from it. Everyone likes to eat this sweet. Adding more dry fruits makes it delicious and healthy. For this you do not need to depend only on confectioners; you can prepare it at home. It is also very easy to make. You can make this sweet dish and enjoy it whenever you want. Also Read – Life Style: Know the recipe of Baingan Bharta Ingredients Cut 200 grams of figs into small pieces. 100 grams of stoned dates 50 grams of raisins 50 grams of chopped pistachios 50 grams of chopped cashews 50 grams of chopped almonds 4 teaspoons of Desi Ghee (Recipe) – First of all, grind figs, dates and raisins in a blender and make a paste. While grinding, keep in mind not to add water. – Now place the pan on the gas and add two tablespoons of ghee in it and fry cashews, almonds and pistachios till they become light golden.

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