Life Style: Know the recipe of Coconut Katli

Life Style Life Style: Coconut is usually used as a religious material. Its taste is liked by many people. The taste is absolutely different. It is full of nutrients. Coconut is used in many dishes. You must have eaten coconut barfi before, but today I will tell you how to make it. You might be thinking that khatri is made only from cashews, but it is not so. Coconut katori is very tasty. It can be made not only on normal days but also on special days like fasting and holidays. Its taste will definitely impress everyone. It is also known as Ghor ki Khati. It does not require much effort to prepare it at home. Ingredients 2 cups grated or grated coconut 1 cup brown sugar or powdered sugar 1 teaspoon ground green cardamom 1 cup milk Half cup powdered milk Half cup cashews, pistachios and finely chopped almonds (Recipe) – First roast coconut chips or mussels in a pan.

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