Lenovo And Motorola Get Banned In Germany, Will Not Sell Devices In The Market

Lenovo and its subsidiary company Motorola have faced a ban by a court in Germany. Due to this ban both companies will not be able to sell their devices in the country. The legal dispute is between US-based InterDigital and Lenovo over patent infringement on WWAN modules. The WWAN modules enable wireless connection on smartphones as well as on portable devices.

As the ban is implemented, Lenovo and Motorola manufactured devices that support GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G network will not be sold in the German market. This means that the company will not sell the recently launched Edge 50 lineup as well as other Motorola smartphones.

Initially reported by WirtschaftsWoche, the German court has decided to ban sale of Lenovo products as the company uses InterDigital technology but has not met the demands for fair and reasonable licensing fees. However, Lenonvo believes that the terms set by InterDigita were not fair and it will be appealing the decision of the court in higher court.

As of now, just the third party retailers are selling Lenovo and Motorola-branded devices and this is likely to continue till the stocks last. Both the companies have no longer listed their WWAN devices on official web stores. It is expected that Lenovo and InterDigital might reach a settlement outside the court and the mobile devices will be back in the market. Well, if you are planning to get a Motorola device in Germany, it is advisable to hurry up. It is so because nobody knows how long the ban will go in Germany.

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