Korba: Newly nominated members of Bankimongra Municipal Council took charge

Korba news. Commerce, Industry and Labor Minister Lakhan Lal Dewangan attended the swearing-in ceremony of all the members including the newly elected chairman of the steering committee of Bankimongra Municipal Council as the chief guest. Minister Dewangan said that now a new sunrise of development is going to happen in Bankimongra Municipality.

chhattisgarh news The people of Bankimongra are very lucky that they have got the first president Shail Rathore as the doer of Nari Shakti. The people of Bankimongra were suffering from the regret of lack of development for a long time. Now the people of Bankimongra will not have to think about development. There is a double engine government in the state. Funds will be received for the development works of the municipality from both the center and the state. In the Vishnudev government, the body will not have any shortage of setup or funds. chhattisgarh

On this occasion, Katghora MLA Premchand Patel, District President Dr. Rajiv Singh, newly elected Chairman of the Steering Committee Shail Rathore, Vice President Kamla Bareth, members Prabhavati Chauhan, Satish Jha, Lakhpat Sharma, Ashwini Mishra, Santosh Rathore, Melu Patel, Jyotidas Mahant, former Mayor Jogesh Lamba, Praful Tiwari, Councilor Narendra Devangan, Leader of Opposition Hitanand Agarwal, Bhagwat Vishwakarma, along with public representatives and dignitaries were present in large numbers.

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