Kollam’s special tourist destinations

Kollam Trip: Kerala is a tourist state of our country. There is a lot to roam and see in this state. This is the reason why people from every corner of the country come to this state to spend their holidays. They like to know about the tourist places of this place. Kollam is one such tourist destination of Kerala that everyone likes to see. Located at a distance of 80 km from the capital Thiruvananthapuram, this place is very special. Tourists coming to this place get a long coastline. At this place you can enjoy roaming in the backwaters. Everyone likes to stay in the calm and peaceful environment of this place.

Palaruvi Waterfall Palaruvi Waterfall is a major tourist destination of Kollam. Palaruvi means ‘stream of milk’ in the local language. It is the 32nd highest waterfall in our country. Tourists from every corner of the country come to this place and get thrilled to see the water falling from a height of 300 feet. You will see people having picnics at this place. June to January is a good time to visit this place.

Mayyanad –
Like Kollam, Mayyanad is also a major tourist destination of Kerala state. It is also a coastal city. Due to which tourists from all over the country come to this place. They enjoy the calm and pleasant weather of this place. Many popular and beautiful temples are also located at this place, due to which this place also has its own religious identity. Paravur Lake is located at this place, which makes this place even more special.

Jatayu Earth Center Jatayu Nature Park is a very beautiful tourist place in Kerala. A statue of a huge Jatayu bird is built at this place. Tourists from all over the country come to see it. Many types of adventure and tourist activities are organized at this place. By coming to this place, you can enjoy sports like paintball, archery, laser tag, bouldering, rock climbing and air-rifle shooting.

Ashtamudi Lake Ashtamudi Lake is considered to be the second largest lake in Kerala. Located in Kollam district, this lake is 16 kilometers long and covers 30% of Kollam city. Ashtamudi is made up of two words which mean eight branches. This means that this lake has eight branches. All these eight branches converge into a single channel which meets the Arabian Sea.

Karunagapalli The city of Karunagapalli located in Kollam district is known for its natural beauty and beaches. At this place you get many beautiful places to visit and comfortable resorts to stay. At this place you will find a place called Alumkadavu where houseboat facility is also available. It is said that in ancient times this place was identified as a Buddhist site.

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