Know the ways to save children from sports harm

LIFESTYLE: Nowadays, the trend of energy drinks is increasing rapidly among children as well as youth. Especially children who play a lot consume these sports drinks a lot. Parents also think that due to being high in calories, it gives instant energy to children and makes them stronger physically and mentally. This is a misconception because these sports or energy drinks containing sugar and caffeine can spoil your child’s health. Consuming them for a long time not only causes obesity in children but can also have an adverse effect on the brain, heart, kidney and thyroid gland of children. Let us know what kind of harm these can cause to children-
Calcium deficiency Calcium is essential for the physical development of children, especially for the strength of bones, but consuming energy drinks can cause calcium deficiency in the body. Actually, phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide gas are used in making energy drinks. Phosphoric acid reduces the amount of calcium in the body, due to which the teeth and bones of children start becoming weak.
Insomnia and stress problems
Consuming energy drinks for a long time gives the child more calories than required, which can cause sleep problems. Also, children may have problems of worry and anxiety. Caffeine increases the cortisol hormone in the body, which can increase stress. It also reduces the ability of children to concentrate.

Increase in obesity: Fructose corn syrup is added to these energy drinks, so the amount of sugar in them is more than required. Excessive consumption of these sports or energy drinks can increase the problem of obesity in children and due to this, symptoms of type 2 diabetes can also appear in them in the future.
BP problem: This may sound strange to you, but it is absolutely true that if children consume energy drinks daily, then they can also have the problem of high BP. Apart from this, these energy drinks can also cause problems like dehydration, restlessness and lack of appetite in children.
Cavity in teeth: Drinking too much energy drinks can cause cavities in children’s teeth. Due to high sugar content, it damages the enamel of the teeth. Remember that whenever the child consumes an energy drink, clean the teeth thoroughly and gargle after that. So, if you always give sports or energy drinks to your child, then be careful from today itself. Instead of these drinks, give children things like fresh fruit juice, coconut water, lemonade, lassi, buttermilk. By consuming these, children will feel fresh, energetic and will always remain healthy.

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