Kasganj: Ganga’s fierce form is visible, dam made at a cost of Rs. 3.5 crores submerged

Kasganj, Amrit Vichar. Mother Ganga’s fierce form has been seen once again in Baroana village of Patiyali tehsil. The Geo Bag Dam built at a cost of three and a half crores is already sinking like a paper boat in the erosion due to the rise in water level in the Ganges. 9 Geo Bags of the new dam got submerged in water due to erosion.

After the devastation caused by the flood in Baroana last year, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the village and took stock of the situation. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, a plan was made by the Irrigation Department to build a dam to stop erosion along the village’s population during the flood. After which a new dam with 105 Geo Bags was built along the banks of the old dam in the north direction of the village at a cost of three and a half crores to stop the erosion caused by the Ganges’ current. Which could not stand even for two days in front of the fierce form of Ganga. 9 Geo Bags of the dam got submerged in water due to erosion and the flood water reached near the village’s population and started eroding. Due to which the entire flood prevention management of the administration has been in vain. On the other hand, the local people are in panic after seeing the fierce form of Ganga. The officers of the irrigation department are camping in the village at night and are engaged in rescue work to stop erosion. Also, an attempt is being made to stop erosion by placing sand bags on the populated areas.

Questions raised on the quality of the dam

The dam constructed in Barona this year to stop erosion is on the verge of submerging in water even before the flood. This condition of the new dam itself is raising questions on its quality. Regarding the irregularities in the construction of the dam built at a cost of crores of rupees, SP spokesperson Abdul Hafiz Gandhi and the villagers have accused it of being built against the standard by corruption. It was said that the contractor was negligent in the construction of the dam. Now this dam itself seems to be telling the story of this corruption. Because many of its geo bags have been damaged in the erosion and have been submerged in water. 9 flood posts were made for monitoring

The administration has made 9 flood posts for monitoring in the flood affected area. These include Junior High College, Bajpur, Primary School Devkali, Primary School Kali Gadhiya, Upper Primary School Kagaj Pukhta, Amar Singh Shastri Inter College Vijay Nagar Nardauli Pukhta, Premadavi Karan Singh Inter College Gadhiya, Nazara Sanodi Khas, Junior High School Sikandarpur Vaishya, Primary School Nangla Dambar, Nazara Nali, Fatuabad, Nagla Durg. Duty of 9 village secretaries and 9 employment servants has been imposed at these posts. Who will keep an eye on the flood affected area and provide information related to flood in the area to the administration. Kachha dam broken in Mihola village, repaired
Ganjdundwara Due to rising water level and erosion in Ganga, the Kachha dam built from Kadarganj to Nardauli was broken in a radius of about one to one and a half meters between Kadarganj and Mihola village. Pradhan representative of Mihola village Jasvir Singh showed promptness and got the dam repaired by MNREGA workers. Due to the breaking of the dam, about 40 bigha of crops got submerged. On the other hand, water started flowing out rapidly from under the kaccha dam near Jagmai on the east side of Kadarganj Ganga bridge. Which was repaired by the irrigation department. Villagers heaved a sigh of relief as water stopped flowing from the dam at both the places.

In Baroana, 9 geo bags installed in the new dam built to stop erosion during floods have been submerged in water. Continuous anti-erosion work is going on.

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