Karan Johar: Karan Johar’s recent comment on the rising fees of stars

Karan Johar: Karan Johar’s recent comment on the rising fees of stars has started a debate in the film industry. Many people have come out in his support and spoken about this. The new member is star director Sanjay Gupta, who also supported Karan Johar and indirectly mocked Akshay Kumar. The actor is gearing up for his next release Sarfira, which will release on July 12. Referring to the ex, Sanjay Gupta wrote, “What Karan Johar says about the fees of stars is not wrong. Tomorrow’s box office will prove him right.” It went viral in no time and many fans were seen reacting. Sanjay Gupta has pointed towards Akshay Kumar’s Sarfira. The film is considered to be one of the most anticipated films and is expected to have a very good opening. Sarfira is based on the true story of GR Gopinath, who made profitable aviation possible for the common man. Directed by Sudha Kongara, the film is an official adaptation of the five-time National Award-winning film Soorarai Pottru.

Karan Johar has spoken about the rising costs in Bollywood. At the trailer launch of his upcoming production ‘Kill’, Karan, who also runs a talent management agency called Dharma Cornerstone Agency, said that more than the cost of the crew, one should ‘analyse’ the remuneration of the film star. “The cost of the crew is our least concern,” Karan told reporters at the event. “The thing that needs to be examined is the main remuneration of the actors. It is very important that all the actors understand exactly how the times are, the cost of our films is going to increase. What the environment is like, how difficult and hard to maneuver it is to make a film of any magnitude or size. He added: “It is very difficult, there are so many costs, the cost of PNA (advertising and publicity) and if the above the line cost, which comes from the actors, is not viable, then it becomes important to set up a film. “Today every film star has to review what they are asking for.” The filmmaker added that there will often be some producers who will pay actors exorbitant fees to make their films, but this practice will ultimately “cause a lot of damage to the whole system.”

Karan further added that many actors need a reality check when it comes to stating their market price. “They (actors) can bring in all the crew they want, that is not the problem. Although that increases our costs, the real problem is the cost of motherhood. They have to look at that. There can be backend deals, profit percentages, box office shares based on performance-based compensation. All this is possible, but every actor has to look inside themselves because many of them are not really in touch with reality,” he said.

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