Jewelery shop operator commits suicide, family in shock

Rajnandgaon. On Friday morning, a bullion trader from Ambagarh outpost of Mohla-Manpur district committed suicide by hanging himself due to personal reasons. The family members are shocked by the sudden murderous step taken by the bullion trader. An. The post police is investigating the matter.

According to the police, bullion trader Manoj Soni came out of the house as usual in the morning after having breakfast. After a few hours he returned and went into the room. After there was no movement in the closed room, the family members called out to him. Fearing something untoward, the family members broke the door and entered the room. Everyone was shocked to see the bullion trader hanging in the room.

It is being told that 33 year old Manoj Soni was the director of Payal Jewellers. His house is situated in Bajrang Chowk. An. Outpost SDOP Arjun Kurre said that the police is investigating the matter. The reason for suicide has not been revealed. There is discussion in the business world that perhaps the businessman took such a step due to financial problems.

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