Jeetu Patwari wrote a letter to Mohan Yadav, saying there is jungle raj in the state

Bhopal: Congress has launched a major attack on the state government in the case of murder of two members of a Dalit family in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh and the subsequent suspicious death of a young woman. Writing a letter to Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, Congress state president Jeetu Patwari has alleged jungle raj in the state.

Congress state president Jeetu Patwari wrote a letter to Chief Minister Yadav on Wednesday, in which it is said that the jungle raj of stories has become a reality in Madhya Pradesh. The incident that happened with the Ahirwar family in Barodia Nonagir village of Sagar district has tarnished Madhya Pradesh. A Dalit family was destroyed under a well-planned conspiracy. Many murders have taken place, but no hearing is taking place.

Jeetu Patwari further wrote in his letter that Rajendra Ahirwar was pressured to resign and was attacked by five people. He was seriously injured and died in Bhopal. Meanwhile, while bringing the body from Bhopal to Sagar, Anjana Ahirwar fell from the hearse and died. Earlier in August 2023, Anjana’s brother Nitin was murdered.

Congress state president Jeetu Patwari has alleged that the law and order of the state has collapsed and has crossed all the levels of anarchy. Now being a Dalit in the state has become a crime. The state which is number one in tribal atrocities, does it want to become an example in Dalit oppression too. By the way, this crisis is not only in Sagar district, the condition of every district of the state is the same. Law and order has become a joke and the morale of the criminals is high, while the government remains silent.

The responsibility of Home Minister in the state is with Chief Minister Mohan Yadav. Regarding this, Congress state president Patwari has said that Yadav has the most tainted tenure as Home Minister. Patwari has demanded financial assistance of Rs 50 lakh each to the deceased family and has demanded a CBI inquiry into all the murder cases under the supervision of the High Court.

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