In Sitapur, an eccentric youth took the lives of his mother, wife and children and then committed suicide.

Sitapur. In Palhapur village on Friday night, an inebriated man killed his mother, wife and three children and then shot himself. The reason for the incident could not be clarified. The villagers are saying that the crime was committed after an altercation among themselves.

Virendra Singh, father of Anurag Singh of the village, has died. Anurag lived in the village with his mother Savitri Devi. Lived in Lucknow with his wife Priyanka Singh, daughters Ashvi, Arna and son Advik. Wife Priyanka had come to the village with children only on Friday.

an argument over something
According to sources, there was an argument in Anurag’s house over some issue. In this he shot the mother, killed the wife with a hammer and threw the children from the roof. Mother, wife and two children died on the spot, while Advik died during treatment at the trauma center.

Police area officer Dinesh Shukla is investigating on the spot along with the police force. SP Chakresh Mishra also arrived at around nine in the morning. Wife and children had come to the village from Lucknow on Friday. Anurag’s father has already died. Wife and children live in a private residence in Lucknow, the children used to study there. Wife and children had come to the village from Lucknow only on Friday.

Two shells were found, no weapon was found
Two shells of 315 bore have been recovered at the spot. But no weapon has been found. Non-receipt of weapons is also raising some doubts. According to the villagers, Anurag was addicted to alcohol.

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