Husband forced wife to drink poison, created an atmosphere of mourning on wedding anniversary

Meerut. A case of quarrel between husband and wife has come to light from Meerut, UP. Here a man poisoned his wife on the second anniversary of his marriage. The wife had come to wish him a happy wedding anniversary. Before this the husband beat his wife badly. Her parents reached the spot and admitted the married woman to the CHC. From where he was referred to Meerut. The victim alleges that her husband is having an affair with another woman, due to which she is being harassed. The girl, resident of Gotka village of Sardhana, was married to a young man resident of Nahali village two years ago. It is alleged that she is being harassed by her husband since marriage.

The allegation is that the husband is having an affair with another woman. When he protested, he was beaten. The girl told that Sunday was her wedding anniversary. She came to her husband in the morning to congratulate him. She had just woken up her husband when suddenly he started abusing the girl. When he protested, he was beaten badly and forced to drink poisonous substance. The accused husband called the girl’s family and told them about her drinking poison. The girl’s family reached Nahali. He admitted the girl to CHC Sardhana. After first aid, the doctors referred him to Meerut. On the other hand, regarding the incident, police station in-charge Pratap Singh says that there was a dispute between the husband and wife. The married woman herself has drank it all out. Investigation will be done.

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