Horrific road accident on Delhi-Dehradun highway, one constable died

Muzaffarnagar: The car went out of control on the Delhi-Dehradun highway and collided with a truck and overturned in a ditch. The chief constable of UP Police died in the accident. The police took out the damaged car with the help of a crane. The constable’s relatives have been informed about the accident.

Anuj Sharma, son of Jai Bhagwan Sharma, resident of village Haiva of Chhaprauli police station in Baghpat district, was the chief constable in Uttar Pradesh Police Department. His current posting was attached to the office of Inspector General of Police, Meerut Zone.

The soldiers were returning to Meerut
He was returning from Muzaffarnagar to Meerut in a car late on Friday night. Veer Da Dhaba went out of control near the main reservation on Delhi Dehradun Highway near Bhainsi Cut of Khatauli police station, which collided with the truck moving ahead and overturned in the ditch. Chief constable Anuj Sharma was seriously injured in the accident. He was immediately admitted to the private hospital in Pallavapuram by the Khatauli police, where the head constable died during treatment.

Bhainsi outpost in-charge Inspector Nand Kishore Sharma said that after the road accident, the damaged car of the head constable was taken out of the lot with the help of a crane. The relatives of the head constable have been informed about the accident. After the death of the chief constable, CO Yatendra Singh Nagar also took information about the accident. The body was sent for post-mortem.

Father was retired from the army
UP Police head constable Anuj Sharma, younger son of retired soldier late Jai Bhagwan Sharma, resident of Hewa village police station Chhaprauli, died in a road accident on Delhi-Dehradun highway late on Friday night. The entire family of deceased Anuj Sharma has been living in Malira, Muzaffarnagar for about 20-25 years.

The deceased’s father Jai Bhagwan Sharma had died due to illness and an elder brother was also a soldier. He also died due to illness after retirement.

Deceased’s neighbors Gulbir, Deshpal, Dharam Singh and village head Neeraj Kundu etc. told that the relatives of deceased Anuj Sharma have not come to the village for many years. Due to which the last rites of Head Constable Anuj Sharma will also be performed in Muzaffarnagar. However, after receiving the information, some people close to the village left for Muzaffarnagar to attend the funeral.

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