Horrific road accident, bus and petrol tanker collide

Gariaband. In Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh, a passenger bus and a tanker full of petrol collided fiercely. Many people were injured in this incident. The collision between the two vehicles was so strong that both the vehicles were blown to pieces and the tanker caught fire. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police immediately reached the spot and with prudence the raging fire was controlled. This accident happened between Indagaon and Koyba. According to the information, a fierce collision took place between a passenger bus and a Bharat Petroleum tanker on the main road of Gariaband-Devbhog National Highway 130C.

7 people including the drivers of both the vehicles were injured in the horrific accident. The accident happened between Indagaon and Koyba. It is being told that the passenger bus from Devbhog was coming towards Raipur with more than 30 passengers. During this, the bus collided with a petrol tanker coming from Raipur ahead of Indagaon and caught fire. As soon as the information of the accident was received, Indagaon police reached the spot and the fire in the tanker was extinguished. 7 injured including both the drivers were first given initial treatment in Mainpur Hospital, then 4 seriously injured were referred to the district hospital.

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