Hindu population is decreasing in the entire country: Pralhad Joshi

Hubli: Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines Pralhad Joshi on Friday expressed concern over the decline in Hindu population in the country and said it is a worrying development. He said that the Central and State Governments should pay attention to this and take remedial measures. Referring to the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Committee’s recent report ‘Share of Religious Minorities – A Cross Country Analysis’, he said no immediate decision can be taken on the decline in Hindu population, but a comprehensive study should be conducted. He said, further decline in Hindu population could change the country’s democratic system and its secular character could be in danger. India is the only secular country in the world in the true sense because it is in the blood and nature of Indians. He said that the government and society should be worried about the decreasing number of Hindus. Accusing the Congress of conspiring to divide the country on the basis of caste, he said that the remarks of Rahul Gandhi’s ideologue Sam Pitroda are objectionable and have exposed the character of the oldest party. He also expressed displeasure over some Congress leaders trying to pit North India against South India and divide the country. On Pitroda’s comment, he said that it is not appropriate for Congressmen to create a feeling of division among people on the basis of their appearance and culture.

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