Heavy rain in Chhattisgarh for the next five days

Raipur: The next five days may be heavy in Chhattisgarh. Heavy rain in the state may occur in these five days. The Meteorological Department has predicted increased rain activity across the state from July 11 to 15 and heavy rain in some areas.

Earlier, as soon as the rain stopped, relief was received from the humidity which started increasing continuously on Tuesday evening. Torrential rain occurred in Raipur for about one and a half hours, due to which the water of the drains came on the main roads. Along with this, there was a situation of waterlogging in the streets and localities as well. Due to heavy rain, people got relief from humidity and the weather also became pleasant. Along with Raipur, it rained in various areas of the state.

The Meteorological Department says that from July 11 to 15, the activity of rain will increase across the state and there is a possibility of heavy rain in some areas. It is known that till now the rain in the state has been 28 percent less than normal. Due to this, there is a drought situation in the reservoirs of the state. According to meteorologists, good rain is expected in the coming days.

Meteorologist HP Chandra said that the monsoon trough is spread up to 1.5 km height from Jaisalmer, Bhilwara, Raisen, Rajnandgaon, Puri and then towards the south-east to the central Bay of Bengal. Due to its effect, light to moderate rain is expected in some areas of the state on Wednesday.

The maximum temperature of Raipur was recorded at 35.5 degrees Celsius. This was 3.5 degrees more than normal. Raipur was the hottest in the entire state. At the same time, the minimum temperature was recorded at 25.4 degrees Celsius, which was 0.5 degrees more than normal. Partly cloudy weather is expected on Wednesday.

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