He reached home after drinking alcohol, fell down during a fight and died

UP News. In Meerut, a father died due to injuries during a fight between father and son on Monday night. The man, who was creating a ruckus after drinking alcohol, first scuffled with his son. After this, he ran to beat his wife, but his feet slipped on the floor and his head hit the water motor installed in the house. He was immediately taken to the District Hospital, where he died. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and investigated. However, due to the accident, the police did not take any action.

TP Nagar This incident took place in Chandralok Colony of TP Nagar, 55-year-old Sanjay Gupta, a resident of the market, was a clerk at the commission agent’s place. Sanjay was addicted to drinking alcohol and there used to be a fight at home about this every day. Sanjay used to beat his wife and children every day. On Monday, it was the birthday of Sanjay’s son Ashish, 25 years old. In such a situation, both the sisters Rupali and Priya were busy preparing. At the same time, Priya also had to go to her in-laws’ house, for which preparations were also being made. Sanjay had reached home after drinking alcohol during this time and he beat his wife. Ashish protested against this and a dispute started. Meanwhile, Sanjay Gupta ran to beat his wife, but his son stopped him in between.

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