Hasan sexual abuse case: HD Kumaraswamy said- SIT investigation is not in the right direction

Mysore: Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Thursday alleged that the CM Siddaramaiah-led state government does not want the truth to come out in the sexual abuse case against Prajwal Revanna but the name of the Deve Gowda family to be tarnished.

He alleged that they were misusing power to save their government. He also asked why Prajwal Revanna, who was not in touch with him when he was in India, would now contact him from foreign soil.

Speaking to media persons in Mysuru on Thursday, the JD(S) second in command said the investigation in Prajwal’s case was not on the right track. Kumaraswamy said the Special Investigation Team (SIT) was not pursuing those responsible for circulating the dirty videos. Demanding an impartial investigation into the case without any compromise, Kumaraswamy said the investigating authorities should keep in mind the plight of women.
He alleged that the SIT is not trying to get information about the pen drive by arresting lawyer Devarajegowda, rather the investigating agency is trying to stop the government from falling.

Apparently taking aim at Deputy CM DK Shivakumar, Kumaraswamy said, “The whale is right next to the Home Minister. If the SIT investigates honestly, the whale can be found in ten minutes.” The Mandya MLA had said that They will arrest the ‘big people’.” ‘Whale’ in a week’s time. Every information of the investigation is being sent to the MLA of Mandya district, but not to the Home Minister, why could they not arrest and interrogate the person (Karthik who leaked the pen drive). If they arrest the one who is giving interviews to news channels, the ‘whale’ will be found,” Kumaraswamy said.
Responding to Siddaramaiah’s ‘hit and run case’ comment, he asked, “Does CM Siddaramaiah have the courage to investigate the case that I give? Or will he manipulate that too?”

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