Gurugram: Servant slits master’s throat after not getting salary, arrested in Agra

Gurugram: In Gurugram, Haryana, a young man employed to work at a shop killed the shop owner by slitting his neck with a knife used to cut coconuts. The reason for the murder was that the owner had not paid the salary on time. And there was an argument between the two when they asked for the salary.
The deceased’s daughter informed the police and other family members about the death of her father. After which the police reached the spot and started investigating. The Bhondsi police station of Gurugram took the body into custody and sent it to the hospital.
When the police took statements from the family members, it came to light that the deceased Rajiv lived in the flat with the boy working in the shop. The accused has been identified as 22-year-old Arjun Kumar, a resident of Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Arjun was absconding since Rajiv’s murder.
Rajiv’s daughter found Rajiv’s body lying in Rajiv’s flat 6 days after his murder. Dozens of clothes were put on the body and an unbearable stench was coming from the body. The incident took place in Serenus Society in Dhunela, Gurugram. The landlord informed the daughter of the deceased about the murder of her father. The landlord was repeatedly calling Rajiv for the rent. When he did not pick up the phone, the landlord went to his room and was shocked to see his condition. After which the landlord informed Rajiv’s daughter. After which the police started searching for the accused. And the Bhondsi police station succeeded in arresting the accused from Agra. After which the accused told during interrogation that the reason for the murder was not paying the salary and misbehaving on asking for the salary. The police have started proceedings by registering a case against the accused under 103(1) BNS.

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