Governor Harichandan attended the Rath Yatra Festival

Raipur: Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan attended the Rath Yatra Festival of Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath organized at Jagannath Temple located in Gayatri Nagar Raipur on the occasion of Rath Yatra today. He prayed to Lord Jagannath and wished for the happiness and prosperity of the country and the people of the state and performed the ritual of Chhaera-Pahara as the first servant of the Lord.

chhattisgarh news During this, Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai, Tribal, Scheduled Caste Development, Backward Class and Minority Development, Agriculture Development and Farmer Welfare Minister Ramvichar Netam, MP Brijmohan Agarwal, MLA Purandar Mishra of North Raipur area were also present.

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