Girl murdered after being advised to stop stalking her

Durg. A sensational case of murder has come to light in the district. A young man was murdered by five people together in Mohlai village. The wedding of deceased Omprakash’s friend was going on in Mohlai. During this time, five minors from Panchsheel Nagar also arrived. All five had an old rivalry with Omprakash. After attending the wedding, all the accused called the young man alone to end the old rivalry. During this time, Omprakash was murdered with a knife. The police have arrested all the minor accused in the case. This matter is of Kotwali police station area.

According to the information, at around 12.15 pm last night, Om Prakash and the five accused met at some distance from the wedding venue. Meanwhile, debate started on the matter of ending the dispute. As the conversation continued, the dispute escalated and a minor took out a knife and slit Omprakash’s throat. Due to this Om Prakash fell down bleeding. After committing the incident, the five minors ran away from the spot. Despite being stabbed, Omprakash reached the wedding venue with his hand pressed against his neck and fell there. Seeing this, there was a sensation in the wedding ceremony. After this he was immediately taken to the hospital from there. Where he died. The deceased worked as a centering mechanic.

After receiving information about the incident, the Kotwali police registered a case and arrested the five minors within a few hours. According to the police, the reason for the old enmity of the minors with Omprakash is a girl who is a resident of Mohlai village. Actually, the minors often used to visit Mohlai for the said girl and the girl informed Omprakash about this. Omprakash had reprimanded everyone on this. Since then there was rivalry going on between them. According to the police, the minor accused are habitual criminals.

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