Four people died in the horrific collision between Magic and Roadways bus, see the scene

Lakhimpur: A major accident took place on Bahraich Road in Lakhimpur Kheri, UP on Sunday afternoon. A speeding roadways bus hit the Magic from the front, loaded with passengers. In the accident, people riding Magic jumped and fell on the road. In the accident, three Magic riders died on the spot while the fourth one died in the hospital. Five people are injured. After hitting the Magic, the roadways bus also landed in a ditch. The police have sent the injured to the district hospital. The dead and injured have not been identified yet. This accident happened near Chahamalpur village of Nakaha area at 2.30 pm.

A bus from Lakhimpur depot was going towards Bahraich. Magic was also going towards Lakhimpur with passengers from Bahraich. On the way, both of them had a head-on collision. After the accident, magic was put to test. Four people sitting in the front, including the driver of the Magic, died. While five people are injured. CO Ramesh Tiwari, who arrived on information, took the injured to the district hospital. The injured and the dead have not been identified yet. Among those who died was Monis, 30, son of Achchan, resident of Birui police station, Isanagar Kheri. Aman seven year old son Jitendra resident of Jaswantnagar police station Khamaria. Rizwan, 30 year old son of Subhan, resident of Sisaiya police station Dhaurahara and Budhram son of Ramdhan resident of Rajjapur Bankatwa police station Motipur district Bahraich.

The accident that took place in Shahjahanpur late on Saturday night shocked the hearts. The private bus stopped at a dhaba on Gola-Lakhimpur road in Khutar area. There were about 70 people inside the bus. Everyone was going for the darshan of Mata Purnagiri. All the devotees stopped at the dhaba to eat and drink. Meanwhile, a dumper filled with ballast coming from the front hit the bus, after which the dumper overturned on the bus. There was screaming after the accident. Nine people died on the spot. 30 more people were injured. Two people died in the morning. On receiving information about the incident, police officers also reached the spot. After this a crane was called for. By then people started trying to rescue the people trapped inside the bus, some people were pulled out, but most of the people remained trapped inside the bus. After about half an hour, the crane arrived, then the dumper was lifted from the top of the bus and moved to the side. After this, the people trapped in the bus were somehow taken out.

On enquiry, it was found that about 70 people from Bada Jatha village of Kamalapur police station area of ​​Sidhauli of Sitapur district had boarded a private bus and gone for the darshan of Purnagiri Mata on Saturday evening, to have dinner and freshen up at 11 pm. The driver had just stopped the bus at Rishi Dhaba on Gola-Khutar Road at 11 pm, when a dumper filled with ballast coming from the front first hit the bus, and then the dumper overturned on the bus itself. At that time most of the people traveling in the bus were half asleep. The number of women and children is said to be higher.

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