Fire along railway tracks delays train in Tamil Nadu

CUDDALORE: A fire alongside a railway track near Pennadam delayed a superfast express train on Tuesday evening.

The Anuvrat Superfast Express, traveling from Bikaner to Madurai was halted at Thazhanallur in Cuddalore district. The loco pilot noticed fires on both sides of the tracks as bushes near a lake were on fire. He immediately alerted the Virudhachalam railway police and the Thazhanallur railway station.

Railway officials and police arrived at the scene and found bushes near the Nallaperumal Lake burning. Fire and rescue personnel could not bring their vehicle to the spot due to a lack of proper access.

Railway officials, police and fire service personnel worked together to extinguish the fire manually. The Anuvrat Superfast Express resumed its journey after a 20-minute delay.

Officials inspected the electric line and signals for any damage caused by the fire. Local sources from Pennadam reported that this is the third fire in the bushes at the same spot in the past five months, each time causing delays to passing trains.

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