Fierce fighting between gunman and patwari in CG

Dantewada. In the SDM office of Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, a scuffle broke out between Patwari Kishor Diwan posted in Bhairamband and the SDM’s gunman. After the incident, Patwari Kishor Diwan has lodged an FIR in the police station. On the other hand, the gunman and employees of the SDM office have also registered a case against the Patwari. According to the information received, this whole matter is related to the transfer from Bhairamband to Katekalyan 6 months ago. Where the Patwari has alleged that, I have been transferred from Dantewada to Bhairamband and then to Katekalyan in a short period of 6 months.

When I went to the SDM chamber to know the reason behind this, I was beaten up by the gunman. On the other hand, SDM Jayant Nahta informed that, 40 complaints were made against Patwari Kishor Diwan by the villagers for taking money. After which he was transferred after investigation. Departmental investigation is also going on in the whole matter. He also said that the Patwari was using aggressive language in my chamber. After which the security personnel and the watchman caught him and took him out of the chamber.

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