Do this yoga to keep your mind and brain calm

Lifestyle: Many times people’s mind and brain feel tired due to work stress, weakness or other reasons. It often happens that you are not interested in work and many types of thoughts come to your mind, due to which your mind can become disturbed. This type of problem also occurs due to stress. The mind also becomes disturbed when there is a complaint of insomnia. If you are also suffering from this kind of problem, then you should practice yoga to calm your mind and body. Yoga keeps the mind calm. Reduces stress and provides relief from insomnia, which improves concentration. In such a situation, practice these yogasanas regularly to get relief from stress and insomnia and to keep the mind calm and focused.

Vrikshasana practice
To do this asana, stand straight and bend the right knee and place the right foot on the left thigh. Now keep the sole of the foot straight above the thigh. After this, balance by keeping the left leg straight. Take a deep breath and remain in Namaskar posture. During this, keep the spine straight and keep the body loose while exhaling. Now bring the hands down. Then straighten the right leg also. Stand in the same posture as before. Now repeat the asana by placing the left sole on the right thigh.

This yoga asana is considered beneficial for increasing brain power. Practice this yoga asana regularly to improve concentration, relieve stress and keep the mind calm. By practicing Paschimottanasana, the body becomes energetic and activity increases. To do this asana, sit on the ground with both legs spread. Now while inhaling, raise the hands up and while exhaling, move the hands forward. Then hold the toes of the feet with the fingers of the hands. Try to touch your knees with your nose in this pose. After remaining in this position for some time, come back to normal state.

Complaints of weakness and fatigue also make the mind confused and inactive. In such a situation, practicing Balanas reduces stress and increases the energy of the body. To practice Balasana, sit on your knees and touch both your ankles and heels together. take a deep breath and raise your hands

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