Delivered from heat, citizens land on waste-strewn roads in Madurai

MADURAI: The episode of searing heat in Madurai has concluded, after heavy rain lashed the district on Thursday night. From days recording temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the downpour brought the much-needed respite. Although citizens rejoiced at the sight of shower, they have complained of sewage overflow and garbage-strewn roads.

The latest spell of rain came for the second consecutive day in the district. According to the IMD, Madurai witnessed 102 degree Fahrenheit in the day time. After Thursday night, when the district witnessed an average rainfall of 6.2 mm, temperatures have dipped. On Friday, Peraiyur in Madurai witnessed 9 cm rainfall, while other places witnessed decent down pour in the evening.

“The district has been for almost a month, with temperatures peaking 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Commuting during the day time had become a nightmare. But, the rain saved the day,” said G Balamurugan, of Thiruparangundram. Senior agriculture official from Madurai added that the summer rain plays a major role in agriculture. As it occurs, farmers would plough their fields, essential to control pests like fall army worms. Thus, with the rainfall, farmers can begin summer ploughing works, added the official.

Even though citizens and farmers heaved a sigh of relief, the downpour has left people concerned about some civic-related issues. Citizens, in particular, stated that areas like Avaniyapuram witnessed sewage overflow into the bus stand, which may cause health hazards. They also highlighted the plight of the commuters who have to wade through the waste. Instances of water stagnation was also reported in several areas. Locals have requested the city corporation to carry out essential works before the monsoon season sets in.

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