Deeply pained! Missing boy’s body recovered in Assam’s Rajgarh

GUWAHATI: In heartbreaking news, the body of an eight-year-old boy from Assam, who went missing in a drain was found after three days. The police said that the body was found four kilometres below in the Rajgarh area. The body was identified by the parents and shifted to Guwahati Medical College Hospital.

Hiralal’s son Avinash fell into a water-filled drain during heavy rain while going home on a scooter on Thursday. Hiralal jumped into the drain after spotting Avinash raising his hands. On the first day amidst heavy rain, Hiralal searched alone for his son through the drain while resting in front of a tea shop nearby.With the news going viral, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Sarma visited the bereaved parents and consoled them. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), sniffer dogs and excavators were also brought in for extensive search.And finally, on Sunday, the call came to Hiralal and his devastated wife. The couple were asked to reach the hospital where they identified the body. CM Himanta Sarma consoled the family and asked them to accept the harsh truth. He also requested all relatives and others to support the parents during the difficult time and help them recover from the trauma.

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