Debaucher police station in-charge and sub-inspector suspended, women police personnel had complained

UP: Etmaduddaula police station in-charge Durgesh Kumar Mishra is not the only one in Agra who called a woman inspector of his own department to his house to sleep at night. Other inspectors, sub-inspectors and even ACPs are doing similar things to him. ACPs also call women constables to their flats at night. After the misdeeds of Durgesh Kumar Mishra came to light, woman ACP Sukanya Sharma called a meeting of women police personnel. When she started listening to their problems, the misdeeds of male policemen started coming to light. The pain of women inspectors started coming to the fore. It was revealed that an ACP posted in the city zone takes an orderly room (OR) at his flat at night. He keeps women inspectors standing for hours. He does not even give them a chair to sit. Not only this, similar complaints were also reported about many police station in-charges.

Station incharge and sub inspector suspended When the women inspectors were asked about their problems in the meeting, two women inspectors mustered courage and told that the ACP calls them to his flat late at night for the orderly room. Keeps them waiting for hours. He himself sits on the chair. He does not even give them a chair to sit. Suddenly a call comes at night for the orderly room. At that time they are at home. They said that there is a sofa in the meeting hall. The inspector sits on it. This meeting can also be held in the police station premises during the day. The women inspectors also complained about a station in-charge of the rural area. They told that the station in-charge also calls them at 11 pm.

The woman inspector said that the station in-charge wanted to get her a room in the police station itself, but when she took a room outside, she filed a report against him. The station in-charge does not want her to get married, he pressurizes her to stay with him. DCP City Suraj Rai said that on the complaint of the trainee woman inspector, station in-charge (SHO) Durgesh Kumar Mishra and sub-inspector Amit Prasad have been suspended. Both have been found guilty in the investigation. The entire matter is being thoroughly investigated.

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