DCM and car collide on Kanpur Highway, four including groom burnt alive in the accident

Jhansi: Late on Friday night, the groom’s car carrying a wedding procession was hit from behind by a speeding DCM in a fierce road accident on Parichha over bridge of police station Baragaon on Jhansi-Kanpur Highway. The car caught fire in the accident. The groom in the car, his seven year old innocent nephew and four members of the wedding procession were burnt to death on the spot. Two people traveling in the car were somehow saved. Both have been admitted to the medical college. There is mourning in the family after the accident.

Akash (23), a resident of Bilati village of Erich police station, was going to Chhapar village of Bada village police station with a wedding procession. Akash, his brother, nephew Ishu (7) and Ashish (20) and other family members were traveling in his car. As soon as his car reached near Parichha Over Bridge at around 12 o’clock on Friday night, a DCM coming from behind hit the car hard. The car caught fire after the collision. All the wedding guests got trapped inside. No one could come out.

Other family members were also at some distance from the groom’s car. By the time he arrived the car was engulfed in flames. Police and fire brigade were informed. The police somehow extinguished the fire and evacuated the people from inside. By then, Akash, his brother Ishu, Ashish and the taxi driver were dead while two others were seriously injured. The police have admitted him to the medical college

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