Crocodile targeted an old man, bit his private part

Kushinagar: Due to the rains for the last several days, the rivers are in spate these days. The water of the rivers has entered many villages, due to which the aquatic animals have also started coming out. Crocodile attacks have increased in most areas. A similar scene has been seen in the district of Kushinagar in UP. A crocodile has come out of the canal in the Gainhi forest of Khadda police station area. Meanwhile, when an old man reached the canal bank to defecate, the crocodile attacked him. The crocodile even bit the private part of the old man. When the old man screamed after the crocodile attack, the people nearby rushed to the spot and took the old man to the hospital. Seeing the serious condition, the doctor referred him to the district hospital and from there to Gorakhpur Medical College. His condition is said to be critical. The incident spot falls under the Nichlaul range of Maharajganj district. Kanhaiya (60), a resident of Gainhi forest of Khadda police station area, had gone to the bank of the canal flowing adjacent to the Budhwa forest to defecate. Then a crocodile coming out of the canal attacked him. As soon as he got up to save himself, the crocodile bit his private part and went into the canal. Hearing the old man’s screams, people reached there and informed his family members about it. He was admitted to a private hospital in an injured state, where seeing his critical condition, he was referred to the district hospital and then to Medical College Gorakhpur.

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