Criminal arrested near Gudhiyari Jagannath Chowk

Raipur. Accused Vikram Kumar Jaina alias Pappu has been caught with a knife. Gudhiyari police had received information that near Jagannath Chowk, a person was terrorizing the people passing by by waving a sharp iron knife.

On which the accused Vikram Kumar Jaina alias Pappu, father Kanhu Charan Jaina, age 29 years, Sakin Kundrapara Bachchan Chowk was arrested. An illegally kept sharp iron knife was seized from his possession and action was taken against the accused by registering crime number 395/2024 under Section 25, 27 Arms Act in Gudhiyari police station.

Name accused – Vikram Kumar Jaina alias Pappu Father Kanhu Charan Jaina age 29 years Sakin Kundrapara near Bachchan Chowk, police station Gudhiyari Raipur

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