Crazy lover in the clutches of law, murdered his first lover for his second lover

Indore: A crazy lover of Indore killed his first female friend for his second lover. Seeing the slow action of the police in the case, the family had to seek refuge in the court. After the court’s order, the police arrested the accused after three months and interrogated him strictly. During the police interrogation, the accused told about throwing the student’s body at a place. After that the police continued to search for him on Wednesday. Some belongings and other material of the student have been found at the place told by the accused. Regarding the whole case, High Court advocate Ayush Agarwal said that the incident took place on April 25. Sara (20), daughter of Sabir Ali, a resident of Chandan Nagar, left her house for Acropolis College located on Dewas bypass as usual, but did not return home even after evening. The father lodged a missing report in Shipra police station. The police were accused of registering the case only as a formality. When there was no news of Sara for many days, her family sought refuge in the High Court. It can be called the dogmatism of the police that even after the court’s reprimand, no information about the student was given to the family. Frustrated with the police, the family again appealed to the High Court on 30 May. The court gave 15 days to the police. Even then the police could not gather any information about the student. On July 3, the High Court reprimanded, after which the police caught the accused. On questioning the accused Gaurav Sarkar, he told the whole story in a sequential manner.

On April 25, the missing student Sara left from her house on Dhar Road. After reaching the college from home, Sara left with her friend Gaurav after attending classes at Acropolis College. At that time, a college student Snegidha was also with Gaurav. After going some distance near Kshipra, Gaurav stabbed Sara to death. After that, he booked a Zoom taxi with his other female friend Snegidha and left the place of incident. High Court advocate Ayush Agarwal directly alleged that he also gave evidence to the police of seeing Gaurav and Sara going out of the college together. After a few days, the police called Gaurav to the police station, but did not question him strictly. Gaurav told the police that he had left Sara with the Kshipra police and gone away. If the police had questioned Gaurav strictly on the same day, Sara’s body would have been found in its correct condition. The facts of the murder could have come out in the forensic investigation. But now, after 3 months, only the remains of Sara’s body are left. If any other incident had happened with her before the murder, then its evidence would have been destroyed.

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