Corrupt work is a small thing for SDO, Minister listen.

Gariaband. The concrete approach road of the high level bridge built on the Urmal-Mohera road has started disintegrating at many places even before the rains. The engineer didn’t know and the repair was done. The SDO says that small things happen in big work.

A high level bridge has been constructed on Mohera Ghat of Tel River connecting Urmal to Navrangpur district of Odisha. The work of 641 meter long approach road connecting the bridge towards Urmal was completed a month ago. But this approach road, built on the criteria of a state road, could not withstand even the seasonal rains.

After the rains a fortnight ago, the soil on the road started sinking and not only this, the road also got uprooted at many places. Due to the work being done within the guarantee period, the contract company also repaired the pothole in a hurry. But the road crumbling within a month of its construction has exposed the negligence in the construction work.

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