Congress vigilance team is engaged in monitoring the strong room

Bhilai. After the completion of Durg Lok Sabha election voting, the strong room is being monitored by the City District Congress for monitoring the Shri Shankaracharya College Strong Room. In which Durg City District Congress Committee’s General Secretary Anand Kapoor Tamrakar, General Secretary Mohit Valde, Santosh Soni, Pritam Deshmukh, Dinesh Belchandan, Rupendra Deshmukh, Dhanendra Sahu, CCTV footage installed at the strong room is being continuously monitored.

As it is known, Lok Sabha elections are to be held in 7 phases and the third phase of elections has been completed and the last phase will be held on June 1. Meanwhile, to avoid any disturbance, Congress has handed over its monitoring team to the strong room.

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