Congress MLA Devendra Yadav’s troubles increase in Balodabazar violence case, interrogation possible today

Balodabazar: A notice has been issued to Bhilai Congress MLA Devendra Yadav on his alleged involvement in the arson and violence case that came to light in Balodabazar. Through this notice, Devendra Yadav has been given time at 10 am today for questioning. Devendra Yadav can reach the police station by 11 am. Devendra Yadav could not reach for questioning on Tuesday due to being out. Let us tell you that the police had issued a notice to him for questioning.

Let us tell you that on this whole matter, MLA Devendra Yadav has alleged and claimed that he is being implicated in the incident. Not only this, but pressure is being put on him to name the people of Satnami community. BJP alleges that Congress leaders have given inflammatory speeches, if this is so then they should make that speech public. MLA Yadav has demanded that the video footage of the Baloda Bazaar incident be made public.

It is worth mentioning that on June 10 last month, people participating in the protest organized by the society got angry and clashed with the police force, pelted stones, beat them and also vandalized the joint office premises and the vehicles parked there and set them on fire.

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