Commission game in Koylibeda District Panchayat

Kanker. A sensational case of commission and corruption has come to light in the Naxal-affected Koylibeda Janpad Panchayat of the tribal-dominated Kanker district. On one hand, the state government is taking strict steps to deal with Naxal violence. And development work has been accelerated to provide basic facilities to the villagers. At the same time, the officers and employees are not behind in spoiling the government schemes. The Sarpanch secretaries here have to pay commission even for very important works like bridge construction. The arrogance of the officers is such that these corrupt people do not hesitate to take bribe money through cheque, and want to grab the entire commission of their share together.

The then Janpad Panchayat in-charge CEO Rahul Rajak and clerk class 2 Satish Ramteke misused their position and extorted lakhs of rupees from the Sarpanchs and those who refused to give commission, their work was cancelled. At present, Deputy Collector Rahul Rajak and clerk class 2 Satish Ramteke have been transferred to Charama and Durgukondal. Even before the transfer, both the officers and employees in collusion cancelled the work of the Sarpanch.

This feat has happened during the tenure of Congress’ Bhupesh Baghel government. In this, Sarpanchpati Praveen Dhal is said to be a BJP worker. He was harassed fiercely for not giving commission. The victim Sarpanchpati told that Sarpanch Sarita Usendi of Gram Panchayat Baikunthpur had taken the initiative to build a culvert on the demand of the villagers. After this, work worth Rs 15 lakh 50 thousand was approved from DMF funds. In which the first installment amount of Rs 7 lakh 75 thousand was deposited in the account of Baikunthpur Gram Panchayat. But when the then District Panchayat in-charge CEO and Deputy Collector Rahul Rajak and clerk Satish Ramteke demanded 25 percent commission in lieu of the work.

Badebabu Satish Ramteke asked the Sarpanch’s husband for a commission cheque in the name of Rajkishore Bhagat. Sarpanchpati gave a cheque of Rs 1 lakh 94 thousand 500 to Satish Ramteke. Due to the commission money being less, Satish Ramteke threw away the cheque and the Sarpanchpati was asked to bring the full commission money. And if Rs. 3 lakh 89 thousand is not paid, the culvert construction work will be cancelled. Meanwhile, Sarpanch Sarita Usendi kept on pleading with CEO Rajak, in-charge of Koylibeda district, to start the culvert construction work. Even after that, the commission-takers ignored the development of the villagers and cancelled the culvert construction work. Now the villagers of Baikunthpur are demanding the government to start the work again.

The deployment of government officials and employees in the Maoist-affected Koylibeda development block was once seen as a punishment. But times have changed and today the officers and employees posted here are filling their pockets by taking commission in the money released for development works. According to sources, the corrupt pair of officers and employees who give work in exchange for commission from the 103 gram panchayats coming under Koylibeda district panchayat, extorted lakhs of rupees and filled their pockets and left.

The officer and employee who got posting at their desired place on the basis of Jugaad and money have not given up the hope of returning to Pakhanjur even after the transfer. This is the reason that even today both of them are occupying the government houses. And other officers are forced to live in rented houses. It is said that since the transfer, both of them are engaged in Jugaad for their return. Here, amid the news of return of both the corrupt people, there is an atmosphere of panic among the Sarpanch secretaries. And they are praying to the government that such corrupt people should not return.

Amidst the news of scam and corruption in the DMF fund, the BJP government launched a campaign against the scamsters and IAS officers also had to go to jail. Here, there is a stir after the revelation of commission taking in the Maoist affected area. In the tribal dominated area, the public is suffering due to poverty and lack of basic facilities. On the other hand, looting of money released for the development works of the public is not a new thing.

After being posted in Naxal-affected areas, the officers who amassed property worth lakhs and crores of rupees in the guise of development works are emboldened by the lack of action against them. Here, amidst the pressure and threats of Naxalites, who are said to be anti-development, the Sarpanch secretaries who take the government schemes to the public are facing harassment from corrupt officers. And in return, they have to pay commission. Due to which the quality of construction works is getting affected.

There is a long list of exploits of clerk class 2 Satish Ramteke of Koylibeda Janpad Panchayat. According to the Sarpanchs, water coolers which are available in the market for only 30 thousand rupees were sold to different Gram Panchayats for 99 thousand rupees. And that bill was compensated from the amount of 15th Finance. Now you yourself think that if such large scale recovery and corruption was done in 103 Gram Panchayats, then how much money would these people have earned.

Cricket bats, balls and kits were to be distributed to children in the Gram Panchayats. Here also, sports material was cheated. Lakhs and crores of rupees were allocated for various villages, but sports material was distributed to children only on paper. The money was withdrawn. Scam and sharing

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