City residents forced to buy drinking water in Rohtak

Residents of some colonies in Rohtak are still forced to buy drinking water as the water supplied to their homes is contaminated. Residents have been complaining about dirty water for almost a month, but the concerned authorities have failed to solve the problem.

“We have been purchasing drinking water from a private supplier for almost a month. A delegation of residents met the local SDO today. They assured us that the defective pipes would be replaced soon,” said Rajeev Bhatnagar, a resident of Rohtak Model Town.

He said officials concerned had visited their area, and some repair and maintenance work had also been done, but the problem persisted. “Water supply has improved in some houses, but some other houses are still getting contaminated water,” he said.
Dr Jawahar, another resident of Model Town, lamented that residents of the area are facing major inconvenience due to contaminated water supply and have made several complaints to the concerned authorities, but to no avail.

Hawa Singh, a resident of Srinagar Colony, complained that contaminated water was still being supplied to his area, causing many residents to fall ill.
“Some residents buy drinking water from private suppliers, while others have to arrange for water from other colonies,” he said. In view of its shortage, the concerned authorities had resorted to rationing of clean water. Camps are also being organized at the local level to resolve the water related complaints of the people, but the problem is not being resolved.

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