Chink in bag policy hits book weight calculation

Hyderabad: Isa small loophole in the School Bag Policy-2020 letting down the whole exercise for a healthy school bag?

One of the recommendations of the policy includes roping in the publishers and developers of the school books. It includes the National Council for Education, Research and Training (NCERT) and the State government to ensure a ‘Textbook Development Policy’. In turn, it should explicitly make clear the minimum and maximum range of pages and weight of the textbook for each class across all the subjects.

The policy finds that it would address both the environmental concerns and the reduction of the weight of the school bags, since textbooks comprise the major contributor to the school bag weight.

Accordingly, the publishers were asked to print not only the number of pages but also the “weight of each textbook (if feasible) on the inner cover page or on the back cover page of the textbook so that students and parents will be aware of the weight of the school bag being carried on a day-to-day basis.” Besides, the teachers could also quickly check the student’s bags regularly to figure out the weight they are carrying.

However, the objective of the policy to ensure school-going children carry a healthy school bag falls flat.

The reason is the policy left a lacunae that the publishers and developers print the weight of the textbook on the inner cover page or on the back cover page, “if feasible.”

Speaking to The Hans India, the principal of an international school in Nallaganda said, “We are aware of the norms of regarding the weight of the school bag fixed for each class.

However, the practical problem being faced is that teachers cannot figure out the actual weight just by checking the bags, unless we keep a weighing machine in each classroom for the purpose.”

Similarly, the parents and students could not calculate the weight of the books which contributed to the weight of the bag on any given day.

When asked if the textbooks for the students studying in the Central School Boards have the weight of the textbook printed along with the number of pages, he answered in the negative.

Besides, Telugu is being taught as a compulsory subject to the students, and the books are published by the Telangana State government press, and recommended by SCERT. Even they do not print the weight of the textbooks.

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