Child thief caught in CG, people beat him up

Korba. In Korba’s Budhwari area, people beat up a young man who was trying to escape after stealing a child. The child was playing with his elder brother, during this time the thief was trying to escape with the child after getting a chance, but the family members saw him in time. It is being told that the young man was drunk. The matter is of CSEB outpost police. According to the information, 3-year-old child Samad Ansari was playing with his elder brother in the field near the Ganesh pandal in Budhwari. The elder brother is about 5-6 years old. During this, suddenly the young man came walking and picked up the 3-year-old innocent in his lap and started taking him away. Then his elder brother ran home and informed the family about it.

After this, there was a stir in the area and everyone started searching for the innocent child. During this, when the young man was going with the child near the Budhwari main road market, the family members noticed him and started shouting thief-thief from a distance. Scared by this, the young man was running away leaving the child but the passersby noticed him and caught him. The innocent’s father, Naseem Ansari, said that he had gone to the playground with the children to play. Suddenly he came back home for some work. During this time this incident came to light. At first the passersby thrashed the young man badly. After that he was handed over to the CSEB outpost police. If the young man was not caught in time, something untoward could have happened to the children. It is not known who the young man is and where he lives. According to the CSEB outpost police, a 26-year-old youth, drunk, reached the spot and picked him up in his lap, saying that he was his child, and started running away. At present, the police is interrogating him further.

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