Chhattisgarh: Dog found hanging, hotel owner accused of killing it

Durg news. A ruthless youth in the district beat a dog to death. After this, he tied a rope to a tree and hung it on a noose. A young man passing by made a video of this and made it viral on social media, so the next day he took the dog down from the noose and buried it. The incident is from Nikum Area of ​​Durg district. Bhuvaneshwar Nirmalkar (36) runs a tea and snacks hotel near Bhatapara High School in Nikum village of Anda police station area. He killed the dog and hung it on a noose. When animal lovers threatened to complain against him to the police administration, he said that he did this because the dog had gone mad. The dog had bitten his children as well as many cattle. Bhuvaneshwar says that the dog used to run to bite anyone passing by. All the people of the area were upset with this. When the dog bit his children, he decided to kill it. On July 6, he hit the dog with a stick. When the animal collapsed there and was still breathing, he tied it with a rope to a tree on the side of the main road and hanged it. Animal lovers have reported the matter to the police, but have not lodged a complaint yet.

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