Chandigarh: Clash between two groups of youth, bullets fired

Chandigarh: Two groups of armed youths clashed in Sector 44 last night. Ankur Pawar (28) was attacked with a sharp weapon, in response to which his friend fired two shots, causing the attackers to flee. Police have registered a cross-FIR. According to sources, Ankur and Puneet Arora had an argument over something, following which Ankur and his friends Abhinav Tomar (34) and Siddhant Thakur (26), both residents of Sector 45, Harinder Deswal (19) and Khushwinder Singh (22), both residents of Sector 44, decided to teach Puneet a lesson. Ankur and his friends asked Puneet to meet them in Sector 44. Puneet arrived at the spot in two cars and a motorcycle with around 12 armed youths. They attacked Ankur. His friends standing nearby rushed to save him. Abhinav had a pistol and fired two shots at the attackers, police said. No one was injured in the firing. The incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed nearby. Police said that the youths who came with Ankur have been taken into custody.

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