Chain snatchers attacked fatally during the incident, woman’s condition is critical

Bilaspur. Bikers gang has also become active along with the thief gang in Bilaspur. On Tuesday evening, two incidents of chain snatching took place within just 15 minutes, in which the robbers targeted women. However, the robbers were not successful. During this, a woman clashed with the robbers, due to which she is seriously injured.

She has been admitted to Apollo Hospital for treatment. Due to her bravery, the police have caught both the miscreants. CCTV video of the robbery incident has surfaced, in which two bike-riding youths are seen snatching the gold chain from the woman’s neck. The incident is from Sarkanda police station area.

Actually, the fear of police is not visible on the criminals in the city, due to which a series of incidents of hooliganism, assault as well as theft are taking place. At the same time, now in the scorching heat, bikers gang has also become active, who are making women walking on the road their victims. In such a situation, it has become difficult for women to leave the house.

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